Poh Pea Phed                                                           $12.50
x4 (duck spring rolls)
Deep fried homemade roasted duck spring rolls
with hoisin chilli sauce
Poh Pead Tod                                                          $11.00
x4 (vegetarian spring rolls)
Deep fried homemade spring rolls
with vermicelli, vegetable & chilli sauce
Satay Gai                                                                   $13.50
(satay sticks)
Grilled marinated chicken skewers
served with peanut sauce
Neua Tod                                                                   $13.50
Deep fried marinated garlic beef
served with hot chilli sauce
Peak Gai Tod                                                             $12.00
(chicken wings)
Deep fried marinated chicken wings
served with sweet chilli sauce
Vegetarian Curry Puffs                                            $11.00
x4 Savoury homemade vegetable
wrapped in golden puff pastry with plum sauce
Tod Mun Pla                                                              $14.00
x4 (fishcakes)
homemade baramundi fishcakes served with
spicy peanut cucumber sauce
Dim Sum                                                                    $12.50
Pork& prawn dumpling served with spicy soy sauce


Amazing Curries

Green Curry                                                                     

FAMOUS Thai green curry cooked with choice of meat,

eggplant, bamboo shoots, fresh vegetables & basil (HOT)

Chicken/Beef/Tofu $22.50   Fish $27.50  Seafood  $31.50


Red Curry                                                                   

Traditional Thai red curry cooked with your choice of meat,

bean, bamboo shoots, fresh vegetables & basil (Medium)


Chicken/Beef/Tofu $22.50   Fish $27.50  Seafood  $31.50


Panang Curry                                                                       $25.50

Slow cooked tender beef, Panang style with 

kaffir lime leaves, beans & palm sugar



Massaman Curry                                                                  $28.50

Lek's FAMOUS slooooow cooked lamb, massaman 

style in coconut milk, onion, potatoes & tamarind (Mild)


Gaeng Daeng Ped                                                                $28.50

BBQ duck cooked in red curry, fresh vegetables,

egg[lant, tomato, pineapple & basil




Delicious Soups

Tom Yung Goong                                                        $15.50

Thai style Tom Yum with

prawns & mushrooms


Tom Yum Gai                                                            $14.50

Chefs style spicy chicken Tom Yum soup

with lemongrass, mushrrom & coriander


Tom Kha Gai                                                             $15.00

Traditional coconut soup with chicken,

galangle & mushroom


Tom Kha Talay                                                          $15.50

Chefs style spicy coconut soup with mixed

seafood, tomato & mushroom



Straight fron the Wok

Add your favourite, to delicious fresh herbs & vegetables... Yum!


Pad Kra Prow   

Stir fry chilli garlic, fresh vegetables, bamboo shoots & basil

Chicken/Beef/Tofu $22.50    Fish  $27.50   Seafood  $31.50


Pad Khing

Stir fry ginger, fresh vegetables & shallots

Chicken/Beef/Tofu $22.50    Fish  $27.50   Seafood  $31.50


Pad Med Ma Muang

Stir fry chili jam, fresh vegetables & crunchy cashew nuts

Chicken/Beef/Tofu $22.50    Fish  $27.50   Seafood  $31.50


Pad Cha

Our popular stir fried fish, fresh vegeatbles, hot chilli, strings of green peppercorns, wild ginger, basil & kaffir lime leaves

Seafood  $31.50




Thai Bbq & Warm Salads
Larb Salad                                                                 $23.50
Traditional spicy minced pork or chicken with
fresh herbs, chilli & ground roasted rice (Hot)
Nam Tok Salad                                                         $26.00
A firey traditional grilled beef or pork with 
mixed fresh herbs, homemade chilli mix &
ground roasted rice (Hot)
Crispy Duck Salad                                                    $27.
Warm salad of deep fried duck,chilli jam
fresh chilli tomato & coriander
Pla Foo                                                                      $27.50
Crispy fish topped with fresh spicy sour salad, 
green apple, chilli, lemon, cashew nuts 
& delicious Thai herbs



Mango & Sticky Rice                                                 $13.00

(only in season)


Deep Fried Banana Spring Rolls                             $13.00



Deep Fried Ice-Cream                                              $12.00



3 x Scoop of Ice Cream                                            $10.00

With choice of toppings - Strawberry or Chocoalte



Pad Pak Ruam Mit                                                               $16.00

The freeeeshest yummiest vegetables in season

on the day with soy sauce, garlic & oyster sauce


Kha Nar Moo Grob                                                              $27.50

Stir fry pork belly with garlic & chilli, 

asian greens, soy & oyster sauce


Tom Yum Hang                                                                    $31.50

Beautiful fresh mixed seafood, lemongrass,

chilli jam, mushrooms, coriander & tomato


Andamun Talay                                                                    $27.50

Lek's crispy prawns & squid in her secret sauce 

with mushrooms & cashew nuts

served in a pineapple shell


Pad Prik Khing Moo Grob                                                   $27.50

Stir fry pork belly with Thai chilli paste, chilli,

peppercorns, kaffir lime leaves & capsicum


Tamarind Fish                                                                       $27.50

Crispy fish topped with homemade tamrind sauce 

& topped with fried onion, coriander & dash of dry chilli


Phad Ped Yang                                                                     $28.50

Delicious roasted duck in armatic Thai curry

with eggplant, pineapple, lychee, stings of

fresh peppercorns, snow peas & basil




Rice & Noodles

Khoa Pad                                                                             
Thai Style fried rice with egg, onion
& Chineses broccoli
Chicken/Beef/Tofu                                                             $20.50
Khao Pad Kee Mow         
Spicy fried rice with egg garlic,
fresh vegetables, chilli & basil
Chick/Beef/Tofu                                                                  $20.50
Prawns                                                                                  $29.50
Pad Se Ew                                                                      
Flat rice noodles, egg, garlic, chilli
& fresh vegetables
Chicken/Beef/Tofu                                                              $22.50
Pad Thai - The Best                                                               
Stir fried rice noodles, bean sprouts, egg, onion
garlic chives, ground peanuts
Chicken/Beef/Tofu                                                              $22.50
Prawns                                                                                  $29.50


Steamed Rice                                                                         $4.00
Coconut Rice                                                                          $5.50